To Whom It May Concern:

A year ago I didn't have an opinion about chiropractors. A year ago I did have three fractured vertebrae, two compression fractures in the lumbar region from 1996 and one “new” one in the area between my shoulder blades which occurred in 2003. At the present age of 61 they normally take a long time to heal, many years.

Every once in a while, which is too often, I would aggravate the “newest” fracture by doing something unknown, some turn, some twist or some lift and I won't know I made a wrong move until the next day when the pain would be severe upon waking. Instead of healing over time, the pain seemed to become more frequent and severe.

By shear coincidence, a friend of mine had a daughter that was dating Dr. Courtney's son. With confidence instilled by social get-togethers, my friend had Dr. Courtney treat his back pain and the results were remarkable. Encouraged by my friend's treatment success, I asked him to arrange an appointment for me.

Dr. Courtney began by taking a series of x-rays. He then shared the viewing with me, and it was clear and obvious to my why I had back pain. As a matter of fact, my back looked (to me) so damaged I thought it was amazing I could walk at all!

We began with two appointment sessions a week and slowing decreased the alignment sessions to one every two months. After the 2 nd month of treatments (having begun about nine months ago) the back pain completely disappeared after the second month. I continue to visit Dr. Courtney for “prevention” treatments, which were my idea and have removed back pain completely in my life.

More recently, I was suffering with ankle pain so severe, increasing during the day the more I walked, by 7 PM I was unable to walk at all. As a long shot, knowing Dr. Courtney was a specialist in spinal matters, I made an appointment to see if he could make some suggestions on my ankle pain. I would like to point out that I am self employed and without mobility I am without income.

Dr. Courtney agreed to take a look at my ankle problem. He was the first person, out of one physician and four registered nurses that asked me to take off my shoes and sox. He said the problem was obvious. My feet were “pronating” meaning I was walking on the inner edges of my feet rather that the heel-ball areas that nature intended. Dr. Courtney suggested orthopedic sole inserts and a better brand of shoe made specifically for people with pronating feet. I did both immediately and followed that up by an appointment with a podiatrist. He confirmed Dr. Courtney's diagnosis and said that Dr. Courtney's instructions for remedy could not be improved upon. Within one month, my ankle pain was gone - wow!

For both medical matters, my back and my ankles I had visited my primary care physician and he said there was nothing more he could do about either, that's why I sought a new point of view with a new caregiver. My early-on reluctance to have a chiropractor treat my back was I had a preconceived notion that chiropractors were all about snapping and popping bones and I certainly didn't want to make matters worse.

To my present and hopefully long lasting delight, I found Dr. Courtney to be a chiropractor that treats via what I have termed, “soft massage.” There is no snapping and bone popping in Dr. Courtney's procedures whatsoever. The fear of further injury to my existing condition was entirely unwarranted.

I would encourage anyone who bone has related pain to at least try Dr. Courtney's treatments and do so without reservation, hesitation or concern. Dr. Courtney is truly one of the most empathetic, caring human beings on this planet and with his care, concern and support, at the age of 61 I am leading a pain free life.

Doug Werbeck

Doctor Courtney,

My wife Claire and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful care you have given us this past year. Prior to seeing you, I have dealt with some very intense back pain and accompanying leg discomfort. I had undergone L4-L5 surgery in 1984 for a ruptured disc and have always had some degree of pain and discomfort.

My job was very physical including digging and using pavement breakers. I kept in shape and was careful to obey the rules of lifting and twisting and prolonged sitting. I became a supervisor and packed on extra weight and girth which did nothing to help my aching back situation.

Claire had always known the value of chiropractic care and had often visited a local practioner in New Jersey but had stopped going because of the discomfort from the constant ‘twisting' adjustments she had received. She was also a follower of homeopathic remedies and natural and organic supplements and foods. Claire also suffered frequent neck pain and bouts of back and leg pain causing the both of us to miss out on a better quality of life.

After the move to central Florida I was experiencing severe pain and a sense of ‘bone on bone' grinding in my lower back. I thought that “this was it, I really screwed up now”. My mind was going wild with the notion that my retirement was going to be spent with hours of lying on the floor with my legs up and not being able to do all the things we had planned, and also relying on some pretty intense pain medication to get me through the day. Claire was also missing the wellness she had experienced with routine chiropractic care and felt that we needed to find someone we could trust and rely on to put our bodies in proper alignment and good working order.

It has been a year since we made the decision to see Doctor Courtney at the Courtney Chiropractic Center in New Port Richey, FL. I feel that you have given us a new lease on life. You took both standard and motion x-rays of our spines. You showed us the cause of my pain and the area of concern in Claire's neck and back. I was pleased to see that I had not reinjured a disc and had only to deal with some arthritis surrounding the surgery area. You came up with a course of action and a commitment from me to lose weight and get the proper exercise I needed to enjoy my new life of retirement. You treated Claire for some specific neck concerns and overall alignment issues with gentle adjustments which allowed healing to take place.

Having followed your treatment plan and maintaining regular visits we now feel that we are fully capable of continuing to enjoy our life of retirement and safely perform all the activities we enjoy. The two hour drive to your office is the most rewarding time we could spend, because when we leave we know that our bodies are in the best shape they could be in. Also following your diet and exercise suggestions truly amplifies the experience. We truly feel that chiropractic care is an essential part of anyone's health and wellness program and thank you for your expertise, kindness, and caring in our lives.

John & Claire Grubb
Eustis , Florida

For five years I suffered with intense pain in my body. I visited many doctors including other Chiropractors who diagnosed me with scoliosis, costochondritis, osteoarthritis and sciatica. I did not have good results. When I entered your office, I will never forget your words, “I will help you, but you must submit to my care and do what I recommend”. I liked what you said very much. I started Chiropractic care along with various therapies, acupuncture and nutritional recommendations and the results have been unbelievable. Within eight months after starting my care, I painted my entire house. Something I couldn’t dream of ever doing. You also motivated me to lose 30 pounds by what you recommended to me. Last year I had knee surgery. I had a lot of pain following the procedure and you helped me recover with the various therapies and acupuncture you used. Thanks to you my life has been changed! My motto: “Trust in God, do your best and God will do the rest”.

What a gift it is to be such a tool used by God to heal people, and believe me you use it very will indeed.

Thank you!

Margarita Ivanov

I have been under Chiropractic care with Dr. Courtney for 20 years. Being a nurse and a mother of six children takes a toll on my spine. I enjoy good health, energy, strength and flexibility because of a good diet, exercise and regular Chiropractic treatments. My children receive monthly Chiropractic care also and reap the benefit of good health. Dr. Courtney not only provides physical care but ministers to us spiritually as well. I also appreciate his knowledge in the area of diet and nutritional supplements for healing and maintaining our good health.

Katherina Bloom

I have been impressed with the way Dr. Courtney keeps up with all the latest technologies to afford his patients the best care. He uses gentle chiropractic adjustments and various forms of therapies including acupuncture which has helped me so much. I truly believe that I can attribute much of my good health in the last 20 years to my regular monthly Chiropractic adjustments.

Thank you Dr. Courtney

Annette Kik

I was in terrible pain when I first saw Dr. George Courtney. After the first visit he requested to view the MRI of my neck. Dr. Courtney decided he could help me and set up a treatment plan.

After only 3 visits I noticed a tremendous improvement in the pain I was experiencing in my arms and hands. I also had a tremor on both hands. The pain was caused by a neck injury after which I had 2 neck surgeries. The latest being at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. in 2003 which was a sensory nerve decompression.

The tremor in my right hand made it very difficult for me to perform my daily activities and duties not to mention my job. You see, I am a conceptual artist. All my work and ideas are done by hand drawing only not aided by a computer.

The treatment Dr. Courtney gave me consisted of Chiropractic adjustments, various therapies and acupuncture.

Dr. Courtney has many years of Chiropractic experience, knowledge, honesty and a caring attitude allowing me to put my trust in his treatments.

I now enjoy a more enjoyable life and I am sketching, drawing and painting again with no pain and hand tremor at all. I am also able to enjoy my golfing once again.

I visit Dr. Courtney once a month now. That’s all I need. I feel very much improved and extremely glad that I have met him.

Ed Catolos
Weeki Wachee, FL.

As a 70 plus year old woman and fourth generation of women that have suffered with migraine headaches, I was told about Dr. Courtney and his chiropractic care using the Impulse IQ instrument for correcting spinal problems. Dr. Courtney adjusted my neck and did acupuncture on me to alleviate my headaches. After a few visits I am happy to say that I haven’t had a severe migraine headache for some time now. Of course, I have had regular chiropractic care for many years with good results even prior to seeing Dr. Courtney.

Hannah Edge