Why We Need To Alkalize!

Why We Need To Alkalize!

Posted: September 6, 2013
By: Dr George Courtney III

Why are we so sick as Americans?  The fact is our Standard American Diet (SAD) is the root cause of most of the chronic inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders that we are suffering from.  The tragic thing is that most of the diseases aforementioned are being treated with toxic and expensive drug therapies that given time do not get to the cause of the problem.  The good news is that there is a safer and less expensive alternative.

Alkalizing the body nourishes, rebalances and rejuvenates the body reducing cortisol, inflammatory proteins and non-pathogenic bacteria (cause of dysbiosis) that cause chronic disease and inflammation.

Greens First allows a daily serving of certified organic fruits, vegetables, probiotics, etc which accomplishes this.  Please click on the website: https://greensfirst.com/ to read about this wonderful product.  Dr. Donald Hayes founder of Greens First has articles, videos and podcasts about the product.  You can also purchase Greens First in our office.  It will change your life!  Please read the article on why we need to alkalize.


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