My Story

My Story

Posted: May 8, 2017
By: George W. Courtney III D.C.

In 1995 while preparing for a Canadian bow hunt I fell 15 feet out of a ladder tree stand landing on my back. The injury resulted in damaged discs in my low back jeopardizing my Chiropractic career and practice. I was told that I would need surgery to correct the problem. Instead I opted to receive Chiropractic corrected adjustments, acupuncture(1), inversion traction (Invertrac(2) and specific spinal corrective exercises(4). This eclectic approach to my low back allowed me to avoid surgery. The story does not end here. I also had 4 automobile accidents that injured both my low back and neck. Chiropractic adjustments, exercise, acupuncture and inversion traction saved me again. At the age of 58 I ran a half marathon in St. Petersburg, FL. and at the soon approaching age of 64 my low back is healthy and pain free. This is not an aberration. A proper Chiropractic analysis and low impact corrective care (Impulse I.Q. instrument(3) must to be part of what a person does to have a healthy low back and spine. Without it a person is missing a vital component of our bio-mechanical health. 

" I can do all things through Christ who gives my strength" Philippians 4:13


(1&3) see blog about Why we use Therapy

(2) see blog about the invertrac

(4) Say Good Bye To Back Pain (video)*

*  Free to my patients; can be purchased on